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Drone Pilot Training

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NameDrone Pilot Training

Aim of the course

To provide adequate training on remotely piloted aircraft flying and operations so as to ensure safe and efficient operations of dronesfor the execution of their tasks in wide-knowledge environment, taking into consideration the airspace in which they are operating. Also, to equip students with the level of knowledge required to acquire ratings and qualification for Remote Pilot Certification and licensing

Pre-entry requirements

- At least 21 years old

- Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (Form four Certificate)

- Demonstrate English language proficiency

Course content (Theoretical training and Practical)

You will acquire knowledge of the principles, ideas and practical skills (at the Tanganyika Peckers grounds in Kawe Dar es Salaam) of flying drone legaly through the following topics:-

- Air law,

- RPAS General Knowledge

- Flight performance, planning and loading

- Human performance•Meteorology

 - Navigation

- Operational procedures

- Principles of flight related to RPAS; and

- Radiotelephony

Who should attend

- Reporter, Film makers, Producers, Photographers, Markerters

- Surveyors, Researchers and Engineers

- Aerial Photographers

- Accident Scene Investigators

- Anyone interested in starting UAS- Based Business

- General public


4 Weeks

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