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ATM Supervisory Management

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NameATM Supervisory Management

Aim of the course

The course is designed to equip the participants with the level of knowledge and necessary skills required for effective and efficient management of operational staff deployed in Air Traffic Management.

Pre-entry requirements

- Minimum age: 21 years.

- Education or Qualification Requirements: Air Traffic Management officers who are in or about to assume the role of a supervisor.

- Medical requirements: Nil.

- Linguistic requirements: Fluent in English Language.

Credits for previous knowledge, experience or other qualifications

Air Traffic Management ratings.

Course content (Theoretical training)

You will acquire knowledge of the principles and ideas of ATM supervisor Management course in the following subjects;

- Introduction to Human Factors.

- On the Job Training.

- Management.

- Time Management.

- Communication Skills.

- Conflict Management.

- Workshop and Seminar.

Who should attend

Aspirants for Air traffic management supervisory functions


3 Weeks

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