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Screeners’ Refresher

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NameScreeners’ Refresher

Aim of the course

The course is designed to update the aviation security screeners on the emerging concepts in aviation security and to maintain screening knowledge and skills.

Pre-entry requirements

- Minimum age: 20 years.

- Education or Qualification Requirements: Basic Screeners course.             

- Medical requirements: Medically certification as described in the National Civil Aviation Security Programme.

- Linguistic requirements: Fluent in English language.

Credits for previous knowledge, experience or other qualifications

Basic Screeners course.

Course content (Theoretical training and Practical)

You will acquire knowledge of the principles, ideas and practical skills on Screeners Refresher through the following modules: -

- Course Introduction and Administration

- Recognition of Explosive Devices and Other Restricted Articles

- Screening Equipment Operational Testing

- Vehicle Search

- Access Control

 - Screening of passengers

- Physical Search of Baggage

Who should attend

Those who successfully completed the STP123 Basic Aviation Security Course.


10 Days.

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