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Annex 14 Aerodromes

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NameAnnex 14 Aerodromes

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

- Gain knowledge and skills on the planning and design of aerodromes and their operations.

- Recognize ICAO Annex 14 (Aerodromes) and related Standards and  Recommended Practices (SARPs).

Course Contents

- Course Introduction

- Aerodrome data

- Physical characteristics

- Obstacle restriction and removal

- Visual aids for navigation

- Visual aids for denoting obstacles

- Visual aids for denoting restricted use areas

- Electrical systems

- Aerodrome operational services, equipment and installations

- Aerodrome maintenance

- Introduction to heliport operations

Who should attend

This course is beneficial to personnel involved in the regulation, design, development and certification of airports from civil aviation administrations and airport authorities as follows;

 Duty Managers, Airport Operations and Safety personnel.

Safety and Compliance Managers.

Airport Planners, Designers and civil engineers.

Airport operations managers.

CAA aerodrome inspectors.

Aerodrome auditors.

Airport Operators


3 Weeks

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