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Apron Management

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NameApron Management

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

- Describe Aircraft Marshalling Services

- Apply aircraft parking rules safely

- Disseminate movement information to operators

- Maintain Apron Safety and Security

- Record Airport Traffic Data

- Lead Van Services

Course Contents

- Airport Operations

- Aircraft Marshalling

- ICAO, Air Law and Rules of the Air

- Aircraft Recognition and Principles of Flight

- Air Traffic Management

- Communication Procedures

- Aeronautical Information Services

- Introduction to Air Transport Statistics

- Aviation Security Awareness

- Aviation Meteorology Awareness

- Rescue and Fire Fighting Services Awareness

- Introduction to Safety Management System

- Introduction to Customer Service

- Apron Management Practical

Who should attend

General public especially Secondary school students who aspires to be aircraft marshallers

Employees who renders aircraft marshalling services to Airports

Employees starting a career in marshalling of aircraft positions

Inspectors (Flight, Aerodrome, maintenance, Air Traffic Control) to broaden their understanding

All airport / Aerodrome operator and aircraft personnel requiring a broader understanding.

All other aviation personnel who want to get a broader introduction to aircraft marshalling issues

All other aviation personnel (airlines, ground handling, flight engineering and ATC) to broaden their understanding.


4 Weeks

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