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Dangerous Goods Regulations Category 8

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NameDangerous Goods Regulations Category 8

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

-Explain applicability of dangerous goods

- Explain limitations of dangerous goods

- Mark and label dangerous goods

- Recognize undeclared dangerous goods

- Explain storage and loading procedures

- Notify pilots the position of dangerous goods

- Explain provision of passengers and crew

- Recognize emergency procedures

Course Contents

- General philosophy

- Limitations

- Labelling and Marking

- Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods

- Storage and loading procedures

- Pilots notification

- Provision of passengers and crew

- Emergency procedures

Who should attend

General public especially Secondary school students who aspires to handle, store and load cargo or mail and baggage

Operators’ and ground handling agent’s staff involved in the handling, storage and loading of cargo or mail and baggage.


2 days

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