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Dangerous Goods Regulations Category 10

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NameDangerous Goods Regulations Category 10

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

- Explain applicability of dangerous goods

- Explain limitations of dangerous goods

- Explain list of dangerous goods

- Mark and label dangerous goods

- Recognize undeclared dangerous goods

- Explain storage and loading procedures

- Notify pilots the position of dangerous goods

- Explain provision of passengers and crew

- Recognize emergency procedures

Course Contents

- General philosophy

- Limitations

- List of dangerous goods

- Labelling and Marking

- Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods

- Storage and loading procedures

- Pilots notification

- Provision of passengers and crew

- Emergency procedures

Who should attend

General public especially Secondary school students who aspires to be shippers and/or operator of dangerous goods in order to handle dangerous goods to be transported safely by air.

Flight Crew members, loadmasters, load planners and flight operations officers/flight dispatchers


2 days

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