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ATSEP Competence Based Initial Training - Basic

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NameATSEP Competence Based Initial Training - Basic

Aim of the course

The course is designed to provide trainees with an overview of the most important systems, equipment and procedures within CNS/ATM environment, as well as the role of ATSEP and his/her responsibilities towards certification and licensing.

Pre-entry requirements

- Minimum age: 18 years.

- Education or Qualification Requirements: Technician with a minimum of previous one year related job experience or Bachelor of engineering.

- Medical requirements: Not applicable.

- Linguistic requirements: Fluent in English Language.

Course Contents (Theoretical training)

You will acquire knowledge of the principles and ideas of ATSEP Competency Based Initial Training-Basic through the following subjects: -

Major subjects

- Induction

- Air Traffic Management

- Aeronautical Information Services

- Aviation Meteorology

- Communication

- Navigation

- Surveillance

- Data Processing/Automation

- System Monitoring and Control

- Maintenance Procedures

- Infrastructure

- Safety Management System

- Human Factors

Minor subjects

- Health and safety

- Aviation Security Awareness

- Quality Management System

Who should attend

Aspirant of becoming engineer


10 Weeks

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