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Basic Screeners

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NameBasic Screeners

Aim of the course

The course is designed to impart screening knowledge and skills to aviation security practitioners.

Pre-entry requirements

- Minimum age: 18 years.

- Education or Qualification Requirements: STP 123/Basic Aviation Security course.

- Medical requirements: Medically certification as described in the National Civil Aviation Security Programme.

- Linguistic requirements: Fluent in English language

Credits for previous knowledge, experience or other qualifications

ASTP 123/Basic Aviation Security course.

Course content (Theoretical training and Practical)

You will acquire knowledge of the principles, ideas and practical skills on Basic screeners through the following modules: -

- Aviation security screening in context

- Recognition of Explosive Devices and Other Restricted Articles

- Screening Equipment Operational Testing

- Conventional X-Ray

- Access Control

- Vehicle Search

- Searching and Securing a Sterile Holding Area

- Screening of passengers

- Physical Search of baggage

- Legislation

- Customer Care for Aviation Security Personnel

Who should attend

Aspirant of aviation security who attended ASTP 123/Basic Aviation Security course.

2 Weeks

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