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Team Resource Management

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NameTeam Resource Management

Course Objectives
The course provides an understanding of the impact of human factors and team resource management (TRM) on day-to-day operations in air traffic services (ATS). It focuses on pertinent human factors principles and their application in ATS operations and team performances in ATC.

Upon completion of this course, trainee will be able to:

- Understand how impacts of human error will be minimized while maximizing team performance in ATS operations

- Reduce the number of teamwork related errors by developing positive attitudes and behaviors

- Identify the teamwork issues and principles of TRM that can influence human errors and impact on safety

Course Contents
1. Human Performance and Human Error

2.  Team Resource Management

3. Threat and Error Management (TEM)

Who should attend
Air traffic controllers, personnel responsible for ATS Safety Oversight,  officers involved in teamwork in Aviation Industry.

10 Working days

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